Barrier dependence of magnetoresistance enhancement in nano-oxide added spin val

2019-12-14 19:31:20

field spin oxide valves

责任者: Li, K.;Yihong Wu;Jinjun Qiu;Towchong Chong 单位: Data Storage Inst., Singapore, Singapore 来源出处: Journal of Applied Physics(J. Appl. Phys. (USA)),2002/05/15,91(10):8563-5 摘要: The effects of different types of nano-oxides on the properties of spin valves have been studied. The nano-oxides that have been investigated in this study include NiFe-O, Al-O, CoFe-O, Ta-O, and Cu-O. From the point of view of overall properties (magnetoresistance ratio, change of sheet resistance, exchange coupling field, and interlayer coupling field), CoFe-O turned out to be the most desirable oxide when being used as the bottom oxide for top spin valves. As a capping layer for bottom spin valves, however, it was found that Al-O is the best choice among those investigated. Under optimum conditions, IrMn-based dual spin valves with a magnetoresistance ratio up to 21.8% has been successfully fabricated by incorporating oxide layers in both pinned ferromagnetic layers 关键词: exchange interactions (electron);giant magnetoresistance;oxidation;spin valves;magnetoresistance enhancement barrier dependence;nano-oxide added spin valves;magnetoresistance ratio;sheet resistance;exchange coupling field;interlayer coupling field;IrMn-based dual spin valves;pinned ferromagnetic layers;NiFeO;AlO;CoFeO;TaO;CuO;IrMn