Microstructural evolution of iron-oxide-doped alumina nanoparticles synthesized

2019-12-14 16:06:22

evolution Iron composition powders oxide

责任者: Tartaj, P.;Tartaj, J. 单位: Inst. de Ciencia de Mater., CSIC, Madrid, Spain 来源出处: Chemistry of Materials(Chem. Mater. (USA)),2002/02/18,14(2):536-41 摘要: A versatile and simple method for preparing highly homogeneous iron-oxide-doped alumina nanosized powders of different compositions is described. The method consists of the hydrolysis with ammonium hydroxide of aluminum and iron nitrate aqueous solutions confined within the reverse micelle nanocavities of water-in-oil microemulsions. The as-prepared powders were characterized in terms of phase composition, morphology, and chemical composition. The thermal evolution of these powders up to the formation of the thermodynamically stable α-Al2O3 phase was studied. Electron microscopy and density studies were also carried out to determine how the presence of iron oxide affects the microstructural development and sintering evolution of compact powders 关键词: alumina;electron microscopy;iron compounds;materials preparation;nanoparticles;sintering;iron-oxide-doped alumina;nanosized powders;homogeneous powders;hydrolysis;aqueous solutions;reverse micelle nanocavities;water-in-oil microemulsions;phase composition;morphology;chemical composition;thermal evolution;thermodynamically stable phase;density;electron microscopy;sintering;compact powders;Fe2O3-Al2O3