Mechanism of formation of redox potential in glass

2019-12-13 17:30:20

materials potential glass valence redox

责任者: Atkarskaya, A.B.;Kiyan, V.I. 单位: K.I. Bondarev Avtosteklo Production Co., Konstantinovka, Ukraine 来源出处: Glass and Ceramics(Glass Ceram. (USA)),2002/01/,59(1-2):14-16 摘要: It is demonstrated that the redox potential (ROP) of glass is formed depending on the type of gases released in heating batch materials. The ROP of glass has a significant effect on the valence state of iron and copper and the oxygen coordination number of Cu(II) ions 关键词: decomposition;glass;heat treatment;materials preparation;melting;valence bands;glass redox potential;formation mechanism;heating batch materials;valence state;Cu(II) ions oxygen coordination number;1000 to 1500 C;NaNO3;Na2CO3;NaNO3-Na2CO3