Carbon nano-ribbons and their edge phonons

2019-12-08 21:49:54

carbon nano edge ribbons phonons

责任者: Tanaka, T.;Tajima, A.;Moriizumi, R.;Hosoda, M.;Ohno, R.;Rokuta, E.;Oshima, C.;Otani, S. 单位: Dept. of Appl. Phys., Waseda Univ., Tokyo, Japan 来源出处: Solid State Communications(Solid State Commun. (USA)),2002//,123(1-2):33-6 摘要: Well-defined carbon nano-ribbons with a honeycomb structure have been grown on a TiC (755) surface. The width between two armchair edges is ~ 1.3 nm and the length is a macroscopic scale. The phonon modes and the electronic π bands of the carbon nano-ribbons were quantized, which is a characteristic feature of the ribbons with nano-scale widths. Additionally, we have detected the transverse optical edge phonons, of which the vibrational amplitudes are localized at the armchair edge sites 关键词: carbon;electron energy loss spectra;electronic structure;nanostructured materials;phonons;carbon nanoribbons;edge phonons;honeycomb structure;TiC (755) surface;armchair edges;phonon modes;electronic π bands;vibrational amplitudes;HREELS;C;TiC