Reconstruction of phonon dispersion in Si nanocrystals

2019-12-07 22:41:24

Si dispersion nanocrystals bulk phonon

责任者: Xinhua Hu;Jian Zi 单位: Surface Phys. Lab., Fudan Univ., Shanghai, China 来源出处: Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter(J. Phys., Condens. Matter. (UK)),2002/10/21,14(41):671-7 摘要: A theoretical approach is developed for reconstructing phonon dispersion in Si nanocrystals. It is found that for Si nanocrystals with size larger than 2 nm, smeared phonon dispersion could be established. The evolution of nanocrystal phonons into bulk ones is studied. Frequency shifts of bulk-like phonons versus nanocrystal size are calculated 关键词: elemental semiconductors;nanostructured materials;phonon dispersion relations;silicon;phonon dispersion reconstruction;smeared phonon dispersion;bulk-like phonons;nanocrystal size;frequency shifts;Si nanocrystals;Si