Novel BN tassel-like and tree-like nanostructures

2019-12-06 02:05:14

electron BN nanostructures nanotube microscopy

责任者: Ma, R.;Bando, Y.;Sato, T.;Bourgeois, L. 单位: Adv. Mater. Lab., Nat. Inst. for Mater. Sci., Tsukuba, Japan 来源出处: Diamond and Related Materials(Diam. Relat. Mater. (Netherlands)),2002/07/,11(7):1397-402 摘要: Novel BN tassel-like and tree-like nanostructures were synthesized through a CVD method. The tassel-like morphology is made up of a BN bamboo-shaped nanotube and numerous polyhedral particles attached onto it. The tree consists of a BN main stem and many BN nanotube branches growing outward from it. The attachments, either particles or nanotube branches, maintain adhering to the primary stems even after 15 min sonication treatment, indicating the high stability of these nanostructures. The formation of these unusual structures is proposed to arise from a two-stage deposition process: firstly, primary BN stems were formed, followed by subsequent precipitation of amorphous clusters onto the rough outer surfaces. Secondly, polyhedral particles or BN nanotubes nucleated and grew on the outer surface as a result of further deposition from the vapor phase 关键词: adhesion;boron compounds;chemical vapour deposition;electron energy loss spectra;nanostructured materials;precipitation (physical chemistry);scanning electron microscopy;surface structure;transmission electron microscopy;tassel-like nanostructures;tree-like nanostructures;CVD method;bamboo-shaped nanotube;polyhedral particles;nanotube branches;primary stems;adherence;sonication treatment;high stability;two-stage deposition process;precipitation;amorphous clusters;rough outer surfaces;scanning electron microscopy;transmission electron microscopy;electron energy loss spectra;fullerene cages;BN