The surface potential of the Si nanostructure on a Si (111) 7×7 surface ge

2019-12-06 01:06:45

Si potential surface times microscopy

责任者: Shiota, T.;Nakayama, K. 单位: Nat. Inst. of Adv. Ind. Sci. & Technol., Japan 来源出处: Applied Surface Science(Appl. Surf. Sci. (Netherlands)),2002/12/30,202(3-4):218-22 摘要: A Si microstructure on a Si (111) 7×7 surface was investigated by a noncontact atomic force microscopy (ncAFM) and a scanning Kelvin probe microscopy (SKPM) in ultra high vacuum. The Si microstructure was generated by intermittent contact of a cantilever tip. It was found by the ncAFM and SKPM observations that the Si mound with a height of 1Å and a width of 30 nm was generated, and the surface potential of the small mound was 0.1 V lower than that of the 7×7 domain. A quenched Si (111) surface was also observed by the ncAFM and SKPM. The differences in height and potential between the reconstructed 7×7 and the disordered 1×1 domains were about 1 Å and 0.1 V, respectively. Therefore, it was concluded that there appeared the disordered 1×1 structure on the surface of the Si small mound, lowering the surface potential by 0.1 V 关键词: atomic force microscopy;elemental semiconductors;nanostructured materials;silicon;surface potential;surface reconstruction;surface topography;surface potential;Si nanostructure;cantilever tip;Si (111) 7×7 surface;noncontact atomic force microscopy;scanning Kelvin probe microscopy;ultra high vacuum;Si microstructure;Si mound;quenched surface;ncAFM;SKPM;reconstructed domains;disordered domains;disordered 1×1 structure;30 nm;1 A;0.1 V;Si