Fabrication of metal-oxide ferromagnetic granular films by metal-oxide co-electr

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Co Metal films surface oxide

责任者: Fujita, N.;Mori, Y.;Yagi, R.;Izaki, M.;Inoue, M. 单位: Osaka Prefectural Coll. of Technol., Japan 来源出处: IEEE Transactions on Magnetics(IEEE Trans. Magn. (USA)),Sept. 2002,38(5):2619-21 摘要: Co-Ce-O films were synthesized by a newly developed electrochemical method called the metal-oxide co-electrodeposition method, i.e., the simultaneous deposition of Co and CeO2 from a reaction solution. containing COSO4, CeCl3, and glycine. Glycine acts as the complexing agent for Co2+ and was effective in avoiding the precipitation of Co(OH)2. The Co-Ce-O films prepared had a smooth surface. The Co content in the deposited films was subject to change from 0 to 100 vol.%, depending on the concentration of the CoSO4 in the reaction solution. Coercivity and sheet resistivity decrease suddenly at 22 vol.% Co. Therefore, the nano-size structure of the films may be changed at this concentration 关键词: atomic force microscopy;cerium compounds;cobalt;coercive force;discontinuous metallic thin films;electrical resistivity;electrodeposition;electrodeposits;ferromagnetic materials;magnetic thin films;nanostructured materials;surface structure;X-ray diffraction;X-ray photoelectron spectra;metal-oxide ferromagnetic granular films;metal-oxide coelectrodeposition;simultaneous deposition;complexing agent;smooth surface;sheet resistivity;coercivity;nanosize structure;X-ray diffraction;XPS;atomic force microscopy;magnetization curves;surface morphology;Co-CeO2