Synthesis and characterization of ultrafine CeO2 particles by glycothermal proce

2019-11-30 21:31:07

temperature reaction particles oxide Cerium

责任者: Dong-Sik Bae;Byeongseon Lim;Byung-Ik Kim;Kyong-Sop Han 单位: Div. of Ceramics, Korea Inst. of Sci. & Technol., Seoul, South Korea 来源出处: Materials Letters(Mater. Lett. (Netherlands)),2002/10/,56(4):610-13 摘要: The cerium oxide nanosize particles were prepared under mild temperature and pressure conditions by precipitation from metal nitrates with aqueous potassium hydroxide. Various types of cerium oxide powders were obtained at 200-230°C. The average size of synthesized particles was in the range of 10-50 nm and the phase of synthesized particles was crystalline. The effects of synthesis parameters, such as the concentration of starting solution, pH of starting solution, reaction temperature and time, are discussed 关键词: cerium compounds;nanoparticles;particle size;pH;powder technology;precipitation (physical chemistry);reaction kinetics;synthesis;ultrafine particles;glycothermal process;CeO2 particles;cerium oxide nanosize particles;mild temperature conditions;mild pressure conditions;precipitation;metal nitrates;aqueous potassium hydroxide;cerium oxide powders;average size;synthesis parameters;starting solution;pH;reaction temperature;reaction time;crystalline particles;10 to 50 nm;200 to 230 C;CeO2