Aggregate colour centres in impurity LiF crystals

2019-11-30 13:18:15

absorption phonon colour axes centres

责任者: Basiev, T.T.;Karasik, A.Ya.;Konyushkin, V.A.;Papashvili, A.G.;Pukhov, K.K.;Ermakov, I.V.;Gellermann, V. 单位: Sci. Center of Laser Mater. & Technol., A.M. Prokhorov Gen. Phys. Inst., Moscow, Russia 来源出处: Quantum Electronics(Quantum Electron. (UK)),2002/08/,32(8):659-62 摘要: LiF crystals with colour centres exhibiting a zero-phonon line (ZPL) at 1080 nm in absorption and luminescence are studied. The decay time of luminescence of colour centres at 10 K is 260-280 ns, the ZPL half-width is 4.7 cm-1, and colour centres are characterised by a weak electron-phonon interaction (the Huang-Rhys factor is S < 0.11). The polarisation analysis of luminescence showed that the transition dipole moments of colour centres are oriented along the crystal axes [100], [010], and [001]. The model of aggregate F4 colour centres having a spatial structure with three symmetry axes C2 may correspond to the colour centres studied in the paper 关键词: defect absorption spectra;electron-phonon interactions;F-centres;impurity absorption spectra;infrared spectra;lithium compounds;photoluminescence;transition moments;aggregate colour centres;impurity LiF crystals;zero-phonon line half-width;weak electron-phonon interaction;absorption;luminescence;decay time;Huang-Rhys factor;polarisation analysis;transition dipole moments;crystal axes;aggregate F4 colour centres;spatial structure;three symmetry axes;active laser media;passive nanosecond saturable absorbers;1080 nm;10 K;260 to 280 ns;LiF:OH-