Approach to study the noise properties in nanoscale electronic devices

2019-11-28 15:18:48

noise devices quantum Monte fluctuations

责任者: Oriols, X.;Martin, F.;Sune, J. 单位: Dept. dEnginyeria Electron., Univ. Autonoma de Barcelona, Bellaterra, Spain 来源出处: Applied Physics Letters(Appl. Phys. Lett. (USA)),10 Sept. 2001,79(11):1703-5 摘要: An approach to study the noise characteristics in mesoscopic devices is presented. It extends, via quantum trajectories, the classical particle Monte Carlo techniques to devices where quantum nonlocal effects are important. As a numerical example, the fluctuations of the electron current through single-tunnel barriers are compared with the standard Landauer-Buttiker results, showing an excellent agreement 关键词: current fluctuations;mesoscopic systems;Monte Carlo methods;quantum noise;random noise;resonant tunnelling;semiconductor device models;semiconductor device noise;noise properties;nanoscale electronic devices;mesoscopic devices;quantum trajectories;classical particle Monte Carlo techniques;quantum nonlocal effects;electron current fluctuations;single-tunnel barriers;standard Landauer-Buttiker results