Renormalization of the electron spectrum by confined and interface phonons in a

2019-11-26 20:30:42

interface electron delta confined phonons

责任者: Tkach, N.V.;Golovatskii, V.A.;Voitsekhivskaya, O.M.;Mikhalova, M.Ya.;Fartushinskii, R.B. 单位: Chernivtsi Nat. Univ., Ukraine 来源出处: Physics of The Solid State(Phys. Solid State (Russia)),2001/07/,43(7):1370-6 摘要: The mechanisms of the electron spectrum renormalization by confined (L) and interface (T) phonons in a spherical quantum dot (QD) embedded in a semiconducting sphere are studied for the specific case of the β-HgS/CdS nanosystem. It is shown that, in view of the absence of interaction between an electron in spherically symmetric states and interface phonons forming only one bound state in a small-size QD, the shift Δ of this single level is formed only by confined phonons. As the size of the QD increases, the contribution oft and I phonons to Δ changes accordingly (L phonons slightly dominate), and the shift varies from ΔCdS3D to ΔHgS3D 关键词: cadmium compounds;II-VI semiconductors;interface phonons;interface states;mercury compounds;renormalisation;semiconductor quantum dots;electron spectrum renormalisation;interface phonons;confined phonons;β-HgS/CdS;spherical nanoheterosystem;spherical quantum dot;spherically symmetric states;bound state;HgS-CdS