Infrared and Raman-scattering studies in single-crystalline GaN nanowires

2019-11-26 05:39:10

GaN Raman scattering nanowires phonon

责任者: Hsiang-Lin Liu;Chia-Chun Chen;Chih-Ta Chia;Chun-Chia Yeh;Chun-Ho Chen;Ming-Yuan Yu;Keller, S.;DenBaars, S.P. 单位: Dept. of Phys., Nat. Taiwan Normal Univ., Taipei, Taiwan 来源出处: Chemical Physics Letters(Chem. Phys. Lett. (Netherlands)),14 Sept. 2001,345(3-4):245-51 摘要: Infrared and Raman-scattering studies of high-purity and -quality GaN nanowires are presented. The nanosize dependences of the peak shift and the broadening of the four first-order Raman modes agree with those calculated on the basis of the phonon confinement model. Additionally, the appearance of one Raman mode at ~254 cm-1 is attributed to zone-boundary phonon activated by surface disorders and finite-size effects. Moreover, the Raman-scattering intensities of certain phonons show a different resonantly enhanced behavior, which can be used to verify the information on the electronic structures and the electron-phonon interaction in GaN nanowires 关键词: electron-phonon interactions;gallium compounds;III-V semiconductors;infrared spectra;nanostructured materials;Raman spectra;wide band gap semiconductors;wires (electric);infrared scattering;Raman-scattering;single-crystalline GaN nanowires;wide-band-gap semiconductor;first-order Raman modes;phonon confinement model;zone-boundary phonon;finite-size effects;surface disorders;electron-phonon interaction;254 cm-1;GaN