Evolution of long-range order in relaxors

2019-11-25 12:36:50

range long order techniques Japan

责任者: Uesu, Y.;Fujishiro, K.;Yamada, Y.;Yamamoto, N. 单位: Dept. of Phys., Waseda Univ., Tokyo, Japan 来源出处: Journal of the Crystallographic Society of Japan(J. Crystallogr. Soc. Jpn. (Japan)),2001/06/,43(3):241-7 摘要: The colossal dielectric properties of relaxors are related to the appearance of polar nano-regions in a cubic nonpolar matrix. In this hetero-phase structure, the long-range order is locally clamped and the average symmetry of the specimen remains to be cubic down to the low temperature. However, the application of the electric field yields the evolution of long-range order and the ferroelectric state prevails on the specimen. However, it develops with quite a long incubation time. We report this peculiar phenomenon which was observed by optical, X-ray and TEM techniques, and discuss the origin 关键词: birefringence;crystal symmetry;dielectric relaxation;ferroelectricity;long-range order;transmission electron microscopy;X-ray diffraction;long-range order evolution;relaxors;colossal dielectric properties;polar nano-regions;cubic nonpolar matrix;hetero-phase structure;average symmetry;electric field;ferroelectric state;incubation time;optical techniques;X-ray techniques;TEM techniques