Geometry-dependent dephasing in small metallic wires

2019-11-23 13:28:17

Phi tau dependent wires dephasing

责任者: Natelson, D.;Willett, R.L.;West, K.W.;Pfeiffer, L.N. 单位: Lucent Technol. Bell Labs., Murray Hill, NJ, USA 来源出处: Physical Review Letters(Phys. Rev. Lett. (USA)),2001/02/26,86(9):1821-4 摘要: Temperature dependent weak localization is measured in metallic nanowires in a previously unexplored size regime down to width w=5 nm. The dephasing time, τφ, shows a low temperature T dependence close to quasi-1D theoretical expectations (τφ~T-2/3) in the narrowest wires, but exhibits a relative saturation as T→0 for wide samples of the same material, as observed previously. As only sample geometry is varied to exhibit both suppression and divergence of τφ, this finding provides a new constraint on models of dephasing phenomena 关键词: quantum wires;weak localisation;geometry-dependent dephasing;small metallic wires;temperature dependent weak localization