Development of a new device for precise timing

2019-11-23 08:21:53

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责任者: Hayamizu, T.;Soma, M.;Geshiro, H.;Hashiguchi, T. 单位: Sendai Space Hall, Japan 来源出处: Report of the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan(Rep. Natl. Astron. Obs. Jpn. (Japan)),2001//,5(3):73-9 摘要: The Japanese shortwave time signals JJY were shut down on 2001 March 31st. Astronomers who have been using JJY are seeking alternative methods for precise timing. We designed equipment, called the GHS Clock, that can be used with inexpensive GPS receivers to produce both an LED flash and a pip sound at the beginning of each second. According to the GPS receiver manual, this device has an accuracy better than 500 nano-seconds, and our tests show that it usually has an accuracy better than 200 nano-seconds 关键词: clocks;Global Positioning System;large scale integration;time measurement;precise timing;Geshiro-Hayamizu-Soma Clock;Global Positioning System;GHS Clock;LED flash;pip sound;accuracy