Size effect and time-dependent nanohardness of ZrO2-based ceramics

2019-11-22 01:00:48

ceramics dynamic time hardness dependent

责任者: Golovin, Yu.I.;Ivolgin, V.I.;Korenkov, V.V.;Farber, B.Ya. 单位: Tambov State Univ., Russia 来源出处: Physics of The Solid State(Phys. Solid State (Russia)),2001/11/,42(11):2105-9 摘要: A modified setup and a method of dynamic indentation with a triangular symmetric force pulse of controllable amplitude and duration are employed for analyzing the time-dependent elastic properties of ZrO2-based ceramics in a contact time range of 20 ms-4 s. It is shown that the duration of the loading-unloading cycle considerably affects the dynamic hardness: the variation of the contact time from 20 ms to 4 s leads to a 20% change in the dynamic hardness for Pmax=25 mN. The variation of the hardness sensitivity m to the strain rate upon a transition from the initial stage of indenter intrusion to the next stages from m1=1.56 to m2=0.49 may point to the difference in the mechanisms of mass transfer of a material under an indenter at these stages 关键词: ceramics;indentation;microhardness;zirconium compounds;size effect;time-dependent nanohardness;ZrO2-based ceramics;dynamic indentation;triangular symmetric force pulse;time-dependent elastic properties;loading-unloading cycle;dynamic hardness;hardness sensitivity;strain rate;indenter intrusion;20 ms to 4 s