The Monte Carlo computer simulation of the spreading kinetics of the nanometric

2019-11-14 17:40:24

The potential melt kinetics spreading

责任者: Samsonov, V.M.;Muravev, S.D. 单位: Tver State Univ., Russia 来源出处: Rasplavy(Rasplavy (Russia)),2000/03/,(2):73-82 摘要: The present study is dedicated to modelling kinetics of spreading nanometer drops of aluminum melt with reduced radius of the original spheric configuration less than 5. It is shown that the extent of strata ordering close to a substrate is slightly decreased with increasing the interaction potential between the melt and a substrate, but the drop configuration remains invariable. The melt potential, which one most adequately describes the simulation of spreading kinetics for aluminum microparticles is equal to 3. The evolution of melt microparticles on a solid surface is determined by the depth of the first minimum of pair potential 关键词: aluminium;liquid metals;Monte Carlo methods;wetting;Monte Carlo computer simulation;spreading kinetics;nanometric metal melts;modelling kinetics;Al melt;strata ordering;interaction potential;drop configuration;melt microparticles evolution;pair potential;Al