Laser-induced fragmentation and melting of cadmium and copper nanoparticles

2019-11-12 17:31:14

The particles laser cadmium phonon

责任者: Kapoor, S.;Palit, D.K. 单位: Div. of Chem. Dynamics, Bhabha Atomic Res. Centre, Mumbai, India 来源出处: Materials Research Bulletin(Mater. Res. Bull. (USA)),2000/10/,35(13):2071-9 摘要: Irradiation of cadmium particles in aqueous solution by a pulsed Nd:YAG laser at 355 nm was found to cause size reduction of the particles. The temperature of the cadmium particles was calculated from the laser energy absorbed by the particles, and was found to increase as high as the boiling point of cadmium. The shape change and size reduction are considered to occur through melting and vaporization of the cadmium particles. The results are explained on the basis of the rate of energy deposition compared with electron-phonon and phonon-phonon relaxation processes. The electron dynamics was studied in copper metal nanoparticles using transient absorption spectroscopy after excitation with 532 nm ps laser pulses 关键词: cadmium;copper;electron-phonon interactions;laser beam effects;melting;nanostructured materials;particle size;phonon-phonon interactions;vaporisation;laser-induced melting;laser-induced fragmentation;nanoparticles;aqueous solution;particle size reduction;shape change;vaporization;electron-phonon relaxation;phonon-phonon relaxation;transient absorption spectra;532 nm;355 nm;Cd;Cu