Pd and Pt nucleated nano Ni-particles: evidence for heterogeneous nucleation and

2019-11-09 04:04:53

PD PT electron Ni microscopy

责任者: Lalla, N.P.;Hegde, M.S.;Dupont, L.;Tekaia-Elhsissen, K.;Tarascon, J.-M.;Sricastava, O.N. 单位: IUC-DAEF, Indore, India 来源出处: Current Science(Curr. Sci. (India)),2000/01/10,78(1):73-5 摘要: Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) study of mono-dispersed Ni-particles, prepared by the reduction of Ni(OH)2 in ethylene glycol with Pd/Pt as nucleating agent, has been carried out. Microstructural analysis employing bright-field and dark-field electron microscopy reveals the polymicrocrystalline nature of each Ni-particle. TEM studies of Ni particles shown the presence of nearly 20 Å thick NiO layer over each 300 A Ni-particle. The presence of a 40 to 60 Å Pd/Pt nucleus has been confirmed in high magnification bright-field micrographs. The observed radial growth morphology supports heterogeneous nucleation of Pd/Pt over which Ni grows 关键词: crystal microstructure;nanostructured materials;nickel;nucleation;palladium;platinum;transmission electron microscopy;Pt nucleated nano Ni-particles;Pd nucleated nano Ni-particles;heterogeneous nucleation;growth;transmission electron microscopy;TEM;mono-dispersed Ni-particles;reduction;microstructural analysis;dark-field electron microscopy;bright-field electron microscopy;polymicrocrystalline nature;radial growth morphology;Ni;Pt;Pd;Ni(OH)2;NiO