Magnetic effects on resonant tunneling through quantum-wire arrays

2019-11-09 04:00:46

resonant magnetic quantum tunneling arrays

责任者: Zeng Zhao-Yang;Zhang Li-De 单位: Inst. of Solid State Phys., Acad. Sinica, Hefei, China 来源出处: Chinese Physics Letters(Chin. Phys. Lett. (China)),2000//,17(4):291-3 摘要: We investigated the influences of a uniform and a nanoscaled periodic magnetic field on electrons resonant tunneling through quantum-wire arrays (QWA). It is shown that, due to the magnetic quantum-size effect and additional destructive interference induced by the nanoscaled periodic magnetic field, ballistic conductance spectrum for electron tunneling through the QWA is strongly modified; while for uniform magnetic modulation, it cannot modify the resonant structure of ballistic conductance 关键词: arrays;galvanomagnetic effects;resonant tunnelling;semiconductor quantum wires;size effect;magnetic effects;resonant tunneling;quantum-wire arrays;periodic magnetic field;magnetic quantum-size effect;destructive interference;nanoscaled periodic magnetic field;ballistic conductance spectrum;electron tunneling;uniform magnetic modulation;resonant structure