Self-diffusion and magnetic properties in explosion densified nanocrystalline Fe

2019-11-09 03:35:24

high Fe density diffusion compaction

责任者: Tanimoto, H.;Pasquini, L.;Prummer, R.;Kronmuller, H.;Schaefer, H.-E. 单位: Inst. of Mater. Sci., Tsukuba Univ., Ibaraki, Japan 来源出处: Scripta Materialia(Scr. Mater. (USA)),2000/05/10,42(10):961-6 摘要: The high-density n-Fe prepared by the conventional static compaction of gas-condensed nanocrystallites was further densified by the explosive compaction reaching a final density higher than 95% of the theoretical value. In contrast to the increase in density, the self-diffusivity for the high-density n-Fe was almost unchanged and was close to that for the conventional grain boundary diffusion expected from the extrapolation of high temperature data. Furthermore, a high saturation magnetisation of the present high-density n-Fe was found to be much closer to the theoretical bulk-Fe value than that previously reported for poorly packed n-Fe and it showed a slight increase after the explosive compaction. These observations suggest that the behavior of the grain boundaries in high-density gas-condensed n-metals is quite similar to that of the conventional grain boundaries in poly-metals 关键词: densification;ferromagnetic materials;iron;magnetic hysteresis;nanostructured materials;powder metallurgy;self-diffusion;soft magnetic materials;surface topography;self-diffusion;explosion densified nanocrystalline alloys;explosive compaction;saturation magnetisation;hysteresis loop;surface topography;ferromagnetic saturation;powder metallurgy;Fe