Quantum-dot heterostructure lasers

2019-11-09 03:10:53

quantum coherent lasers heterostructure

责任者: Ledentsov, N.N.;Grundmann, M.;Heinrichsdorff, F.;Bimberg, D.;Ustinov, V.M.;Zhukov, A.E.;Maximov, M.V.;Alferov, Zh.I.;Lott, J.A. 单位: Inst. fur Festkorperphys., Tech. Univ. Berlin, Germany 来源出处: IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics(IEEE J. Sel. Top. Quantum Electron. (USA)),2000/05/,6(3):439-51 摘要: Quantum-dot (QD) heterostructures are nanoscale coherent insertions of narrow-gap material in a single-crystalline matrix. These tiny structures provide unique opportunities to modify and extend all basic principles of heterostructure lasers and advance their applications. Despite early predictions, fabrication of QD heterostructure (QDHS) lasers appeared to be a much more challenging task, as compared to quantum well (QW) devices. The breakthrough occurred when techniques for self-organized growth of QDs allowed the fabrication of dense arrays of coherent islands, uniform in shape and size, and, simultaneously, free from undesirable defects. Recently, the figure of merit of QDHS lasers surpasses some of the key characteristics of QW devices in some of the most important applications 关键词: quantum well lasers;reviews;semiconductor quantum dots;quantum-dot heterostructure lasers;nanoscale coherent insertions;narrow-gap material;single-crystalline matrix;applications;fabrication;self-organized growth;dense arrays;coherent islands;figure of merit