A model of unsteady two-dimensional electron tunneling through a double barrier

2019-11-09 02:53:57

barrier electron quantum double fullerenes

责任者: Dykhne, A.M.;Zosimov, V.V.;Rudavets, A.G. 单位: Moscow State Univ., Russia 来源出处: Doklady Physics(Dokl. Phys. (Russia)),2000/01/,45(1):11-13 摘要: In this paper, we study the electron packet transmission through a two-dimensional double barrier. The wave packet can be formed by, for example, a extra-short laser pulse, that excites localized electrons of impurity centers into the conductivity zone. We consider a well (which an electron tunnels into) with a cylindrically symmetrical potential, which is a simplified model of carbon nanotubes referring to fullerenes 关键词: carbon nanotubes;fullerenes;impurity states;localised states;quantum interference phenomena;quantum wells;resonant tunnelling;unsteady 2D electron tunneling;double barrier;quantum control;electron packet transmission;extrashort laser pulse;localized electrons;impurity centers;conductivity zone;quantum well;cylindrically symmetrical potential;carbon nanotubes;fullerenes;C