Turbostratic boron carbonitride films produced by bias-assisted hot filament che

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structure films Deposition chemical BCN

责任者: Yu, J.;Wang, E.G.;Ahn, J.;Yoon, S.F.;Zhang, Q.;Cui, J.;Yu, M.B. 单位: Microelectron. Center, Nanyang Technol. Inst., Singapore 来源出处: Journal of Applied Physics(J. Appl. Phys. (USA)),2000/04/15,87(8):4022-5 摘要: Boron carbonitride (BCN) films with various compositions have been prepared by bias-assisted hot filament chemical vapor deposition. The three elements of B, C, and N are chemically bonded with each other and an atomic-level BCN hybrid has been formed in the films. The deposited films are composed of turbostratic structural regions ranging from a few to a few tens of nanometers. Besides, there exist some amorphous domains in the films. Boron atoms have been confirmed to be incorporated into the films with a concentration up to 70 at.%. The interplanar spacing of 3.49 Å is found to be independent of the film composition in this range. These films show a blueshift in photoluminescence peak with increasing B content. These findings show that the electronic structure of BCN compounds can be controlled by changing compositions and the BCN compounds are blue-light emitting materials 关键词: band structure;bonds (chemical);boron compounds;chemical vapour deposition;CVD coatings;domains;nanostructured materials;noncrystalline structure;photoluminescence;spectral line shift;thin films;turbostratic films;boron carbonitride;bias-assisted hot filament chemical vapor deposition;BCN;film composition dependence;chemical bonding;atomic-level hybrid;turbostratic nanostructural regions;amorphous domains;interplanar spacing;photoluminescence peak blueshift;electronic structure;blue-light emitting materials;CVD