Giant magnetoresistance in Co-Cu-Ni granular ribbons

2019-11-09 02:40:36

Cu Co Ni ribbons granular

责任者: Wang, F.;Zhao, T.;Zhang, Z.D.;Wang, M.G.;Xiong, D.K.;Jin, X.M.;Geng, D.Y.;Zhao, X.G.;Liu, W.;Yu, M.H.;de Boer, F.R. 单位: Inst. of Metal Res., Acad. Sinica, Shenyang, China 来源出处: Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter(J. Phys., Condens. Matter. (UK)),2000/03/20,12(11):2525-33 摘要: We have systematically investigated the structural, magnetic and transport properties of as-quenched and annealed Co20NixCu80-x (0⩽x⩽20) granular alloys prepared by melt spinning. The microstructure of granular ribbons of Co-Ni-Cu shows a matrix in which nanoparticles of Co-Ni are well distributed, very different from that of granular ribbons of Co-Cu in which full-grown Co microparticles are embedded in a Cu matrix. The phase segregation in the Co-Ni-Cu granular ribbons is not a pure nucleation and growth process as in the Co-Cu granular ribbons, but also not purely due to spinodal decomposition. In contrast to the ribbons with high Ni content, the low-Ni-content ribbons show an increase in magnetoresistance (ΔR/R≅6.2%) at 300 K for Co20Ni5Cu75, which is larger than in as-quenched and annealed Co-Cu ribbons 关键词: annealing;cobalt alloys;copper alloys;crystal microstructure;ferromagnetic materials;giant magnetoresistance;granular materials;magnetic particles;melt spinning;nanostructured materials;nickel alloys;segregation;spinodal decomposition;giant magnetoresistance;Co-Cu-Ni granular ribbons;structural properties;magnetic properties;transport properties;as-quenched Co20NixCu80-x;annealed Co20NixCu80-x;granular alloys;melt spinning;microstructure;nanoparticles;phase segregation;spinodal decomposition;nucleation;Co20Ni5Cu75;300 K