High precision linear slide. Part II: Control and measurements

2019-11-09 02:36:33

control controller linear mechanical slide

责任者: Mekid, S.;Olejniczak, O. 单位: Div. Syst. Mecaniques, Univ. de Technol. de Compiegne, France 来源出处: International Journal of Machine Tools Manufacture(Int. J. Mach. Tools Manuf. (UK)),2000/05/,40(7):1051-64 摘要: Design and construction of a linear slide have been discussed in Part I (ibid. vol.40 (2000)). Very high precision in nanometric scale depends on mechanical design and servo control with a very precise and adequate metrology. However, servo technology is employed as a method for going beyond mechanical accuracy limits. For that purpose the linear slide is controlled using two methods, a PID controller and an internal model controller, that would compensate automatically for unmodeled mechanical behaviors such as pre-rolling phenomena. The paper focuses on the design of a numerical controller which is able to handle imprecision in the model of behavior of mechanical and electromechanical components of the bench. The metrology frame including a laser interferometer and optic linear encoder was used for the measurements 关键词: machine tools;machining;numerical control;position control;servomechanisms;three-term control;velocity control;linear slide;precision;nanometric scale;servo control;PID controller;internal model controller;laser interferometer;optic linear encoder;brushless motor;numerical control;speed control;position control