Nonlinear optical properties of solgel-derived glasses doped with copper selenid

2019-11-09 02:33:06

absorption copper ns mu selenide

责任者: Yumashev, K.V.;Posnov, N.N.;Denisov, I.A.;Prokoshin, P.V.;Mikhailov, V.P.;Gurin, V.S.;Prokopenko, V.B.;Alexeenko, A.A. 单位: Int. Laser Center, Belarusion State Polytech. Acad., Minsk, Byelorussia 来源出处: Journal of the Optical Society of America B (Optical Physics)(J. Opt. Soc. Am. B, Opt. Phys. (USA)),2000/04/,17(4):572-9 摘要: Transient differential absorption spectra of solgel glasses that contain copper selenide nanoparticles (NPs) have been studied with a picosecond pump-probe technique. Oxidation of copper selenide NPs results in the appearance of an additional absorption band peaked at ~1 μm, which can be transiently bleached under laser excitation. Excited-state absorption related to mid-gap surface trap states was observed. The absorption recovery time was found to be ~300 ps. The intensity-dependent transmission of oxidized copper selenide NPs in solgel glass at 1.08 μm has been measured. Permanent laser-induced absorption changes in the glasses were studied with nanosecond pulses as a function of laser exposure. Passive Q switching of 1.06-μm Nd3+:Y3Al5O12, 1.34-μm Nd3+:YAlO3, and 1.54-μm Er3+: glass lasers has been realized with the glasses containing copper selenide NPs used as saturable absorbers. Q-switched pulses with 100-ns (1.06 μm), 90-ns (1.34 μm), and 60-ns (1.54 μm) pulse widths were obtained 关键词: copper compounds;excited states;impurity absorption spectra;infrared spectra;nanostructured materials;optical saturable absorption;oxidation;Q-switching;sol-gel processing;surface states;nonlinear optical properties;solgel-derived glasses;copper selenide nanoparticles;transient differential absorption spectra;picosecond pump-probe technique;oxidation;additional absorption band;transient bleaching;laser excitation;excited-state absorption;mid-gap surface trap states;absorption recovery time;intensity-dependent transmission;oxidized copper selenide NP;permanent laser-induced absorption changes;nanosecond pulses;laser exposure;passive Q switching;Nd3+:Y3Al5O12;Nd3+:YAlO3;Er3+:glass lasers;saturable absorbers;Q_-switched pulses;pulse widths;1 mum;300 ps;1.08 mum;1.34 mum;1.54 mum;60 ns;1.06 mum;100 ns;90 ns;Cu2Se;YAG:Nd;YAlO3:Nd;YAl5O12:Nd