Quasielastic scattering: slow dynamics of glasses

2019-11-09 02:25:17

The glass dynamics scattering glasses

责任者: Franz, H.;Petry, W.;Baron, A.Q.R. 单位: Dept. of Phys., Tech. Univ. Munchen, Germany 来源出处: Hyperfine Interactions(Hyperfine Interact. (Netherlands)),2000/03/,123-124(1-4):865-79 摘要: The dynamics of glasses shows some distinct differences with respect to the crystalline state. Both in the short time regime (boson peak) and the microscopically slow regime (alpha- and beta-relaxation) there are glass-typical features. The outstanding sharpness of nuclear transitions offers a new tool to investigate the properties of glasses at long times, i.e., some nanoseconds to microseconds. The article will give a short introduction to glass-dynamic and convenient parameters for the theoretical description and will summarize recent results on model systems 关键词: glass;glass structure;quasi-elastic scattering;X-ray scattering;nonresonant quasielastic X-ray scattering;slow glass dynamics;structural relaxation;disordered systems;synchrotron radiation;glass dynamic parameters