Nanometer-scale copper electrodeposition from an on-chip source

2019-11-09 02:04:58

Cu copper electrodes nanometer

责任者: Wu, M.W.;Sohn, L.L. 单位: Dept. of Phys., Princeton Univ., NJ, USA 来源出处: IEEE Electron Device Letters(IEEE Electron Device Lett. (USA)),2000/06/,21(6):277-9 摘要: Using both an on-chip anode as a source of copper and a copper-free, acidic electroplating solution, we have fabricated electrodes with separations on the order of 10 nm or less. During the electrodeposition process, we observe steplike increases in conductance, corresponding to atomic rearrangement. These conductance steps indicate that the separation between the electrodes is on the atomic length scale. Applications of this technique include the fabrication of electrodes with nanometer separations and the repair of both malformed bus lines and damaged masks 关键词: copper;electrochemical electrodes;electrodeposition;integrated circuit interconnections;metallisation;microelectrodes;nanotechnology;nanometer-scale Cu electrodeposition;onchip Cu source;onchip anode;Cu-free acidic electroplating solution;electrode fabrication;nanometer separations;malformed bus line repair;damaged mask repair;10 nm;Cu