Electrical transport through individual vanadium pentoxide nanowires

2019-11-09 01:51:05

electrical conductivity fiber individual fibers

责任者: Muster, J.;Kim, G.T.;Krstic, V.;Park, J.G.;Park, Y.W.;Roth, S.;Burghard, M. 单位: Max-Planck-Inst. fur Festkorperforschung, Stuttgart, Germany 来源出处: Advanced Materials(Adv. Mater. (Germany)),2000/03/16,12(6):420-4 摘要: The controlled deposition of individual V2O5 nanowires on chemically modified SiO2 substrates is reported here. Electrical transport measurements were performed on individual fibers and on thin fiber networks, and the conductivity of an individual V2O5 nanowire was estimated to be ~0.5 S/cm at room temperature. The structure of the fibers was investigated using scanning force microscopy 关键词: atomic force microscopy;electrical conductivity;fibres;nanostructured materials;silicon compounds;vanadium compounds;electrical transport;vanadium pentoxide;nanowires;fibers;fiber networks;electrical conductivity;fiber structure;scanning force microscopy;0.5 S/cm;V2O5;SiO2