Selective functionalization of mesoporous silica

2019-11-09 01:45:41

internal materials groups External

责任者: de Juan, F.;Ruiz-Hitzky, E. 单位: Inst. de Ciencia de Mater., CSIC, Madrid, Spain 来源出处: Advanced Materials(Adv. Mater. (Germany)),2000/03/16,12(6):430-2 摘要: Selective functionalization of the internal and external surfaces of MCM-41 silica has been achieved using a topochemical molecular engineering approach. Functionalization is carried out in a stepwise process, the groups becoming selectively attached via silane coupling reactions and through use of a template to produce a structure with external trimethysilyl groups and internal aryl groups 关键词: nanostructured materials;nuclear magnetic resonance;porous materials;silicon compounds;surface chemistry;functionalization;internal surfaces;external surfaces;MCM-41 silica;coupling reactions;silanes;surface chemistry;porous materials;nanostructured materials;Si-NMR;SiO2