Structures and magnetic properties of isotropic nanostructured Fe-Pt thin films

2019-11-09 01:16:57

magnetic Fe PT films nanostructured

责任者: Wang Yi-Zhong;Zhang Mao-Cai;Qiao Yi;Wang Jin;Wang Yin-Jun;Shen Bao-Gen;Hu Bo-Ping 单位: Inst. of Phys., Acad. Sinica, Beijing, China 来源出处: Acta Physica Sinica(Acta Phys. Sin. (China)),2000//,49(8):1600-5 摘要: Two series of isotropic nanostructured Fe-Pt permanent magnetic thin films have been prepared by sputtering Fe/Pt multilayers and subsequent vacuum annealing. Their structures and magnetic properties have been investigated. Studies show that Fe-rich Fe-Pt permanent magnetic thin films were composed of two phases: a hard FePt phase and a soft Fe3Pt phase. Saturation magnetic polarization and remanence increase with increasing thickness of the Fe layer. The Kelly-Henkel plot indicates that magnetic interactions in Fe-Pt thin films are mainly determined by the ferromagnetic exchange interaction between neighboring grains 关键词: annealing;exchange interactions (electron);ferromagnetic materials;iron alloys;magnetic multilayers;magnetic thin films;nanostructured materials;permanent magnets;platinum alloys;remanence;sputtered coatings;isotropic nanostructured thin films;Fe-Pt;magnetic properties;permanent magnet;sputtered multilayers;vacuum annealing;structure;hard FePt phase;soft Fe3Pt phase;saturation magnetic polarization;remanence;Fe layer thickness dependence;Kelly-Henkel plot;magnetic interactions;ferromagnetic exchange interaction;Fe3Pt;FePt