Structure of selenium and tellurium clusters in cavities of NaX zeolite

2019-11-09 01:12:27

structure clusters NaX cavities membered

责任者: Smolin, Yu.I.;Shepelev, Yu.F.;Lapshin, A.E.;Vasileva, E.A. 单位: Inst. of Chem. of Silicates, Acad. of Sci., St. Petersburg, Russia 来源出处: Crystallography Reports(Crystallogr. Rep. (Russia)),2000/01/,45(1):21-5 摘要: The structure of NaX zeolite crystals with the Se and Te atoms incorporated into the structure from their vapors has been studied. It is shown that selenium atoms form clusters in the shape of six- and four-membered rings located in the cuboctahedral cavities of the structure framework. Single Se molecules are located in large cavities, whereas Te atoms form four-membered rings located in cuboctahedra. Large cavities are occupied by two alternating configurations of Te atoms forming either a chain consisting of 16 links or an eight-membered ring 关键词: atomic clusters;crystal structure;impurity distribution;nanostructured materials;selenium;sodium compounds;tellurium;voids (solid);X-ray diffraction;zeolites;structure;NaX zeolite crystals;NaX:Te;six-membered rings;four-membered rings;cuboctahedral cavities;structure framework;eight-membered ring;16-link chain;Se clusters;Te clusters;semiconductor clusters;NaX:Se