Excitation of iron atoms in plasma of excimer emitters under transverse-discharg

2019-11-05 10:08:45

He discharge plasma HCl transverse

责任者: Shuaibov, A.K.;Shimon, L.L.;Dashchenko, A.I.;Neimet, Yu.Yu. 单位: Uzhgorod State Univ., Russia 来源出处: Technical Physics(Tech. Phys. (Russia)),2000/06/,45(6):801-2 摘要: The optical characteristics of a transverse-discharge plasma initiated in He/Xe(Kr)/HCl(CF2Cl2) mixtures were studied. The mixtures contained a small amount of iron vapor due to metal cathode erosion. The iron atoms were shown to be excited by the spontaneous emission of KrCl (λ=22 nm) and XeCl (λ=308 nm) molecules in a nanosecond transverse discharge 关键词: discharges (electric);excimers;krypton compounds;light sources;plasma diagnostics;plasma impurities;spontaneous emission;xenon compounds;plasma;excimer emitters;transverse-discharge pumping;optical characteristics;transverse-discharge;He/Xe/HCl;He/Kr/HCl;He/Xe/dichlorodifluoromethane;He/Kr/dichlorodifluoromethane;Fe vapor;metal cathode erosion;spontaneous emission;KrCl;XeCl;nanosecond transverse discharge;Fe excitation;22 nm;308 nm;He-Xe-HCl;He-Kr-HCl