Spectrum and electron-phonon interaction in a medium with a cylindrical quantum

2019-11-01 03:14:17

Wire electron quantum phonon phonons

责任者: Tkach, N.V.;Zharkoi, V.P. 单位: Yu. Fedkovich Chernovtsy State Univ., Ukraine 来源出处: Semiconductors(Semiconductors (USA)),1999/05/,33(5):559-63 摘要: The effect of multiphonon processes on the electronic (hole) spectrum in a β-HgS/CdS nanoheterostructure (cylindrical quantum wire in a bulk medium) is studied in the dielectric-continuum model. The electron-phonon interaction Hamiltonian is obtained for a potential well of finite depth. The shift of the electron (hole) energy level as a result of the interaction with optical longitudinal (confined) and interface phonons is determined. The dependence of the band gap of the nanosystem β-HgS/CdS on the radius of the quantum wire is found. It is established that interface phonons play the dominant role in the renormalization of the electronic (hole) spectrum in a quantum wire with small transverse dimensions 关键词: electron-phonon interactions;energy gap;II-VI semiconductors;interface phonons;phonon-phonon interactions;semiconductor quantum wires;cylindrical quantum wire;electron-phonon interaction;multiphonon processes;nanoheterostructure;dielectric-continuum model;finite depth well;energy level shift;interface phonons;LO phonons;band gap;HgS-CdS