Anomalous two-phonon absorption and copper-assisted diamond nucleation in amorph

2019-10-30 06:18:25

carbon absorption copper diamond phonon

责任者: Ivanov-Omskji, V.I. 单位: A.F. Ioffe Physicotech. Inst., Acad. of Sci., St. Petersburg, Russia 来源出处: Philosophical Magazine B (Physics of Condensed Matter: Statistical Mechanics, Electronic, Optical and Magnetic Properties(Philos. Mag. B, Phys. Condens. Matter Stat. Mech. Electron. Opt. Magn. Prop. (UK)),1999/02/,79(2):367-72 摘要: Copper-induced activation of anomalously high infrared absorption in amorphous carbon at the diamond two-phonon frequencies was observed. Ultradispersed copper was introduced in the bulk of amorphous carbon by plasma co-sputtering of copper and graphite at 200°C. The amplification of two-phonon absorption is attributed to a phonon confinement phenomenon in a diamond nanocrystal nucleated under catalyst activity of ultradispersed copper. The role of the surface relaxation as a possible mechanism of two-phonon absorption amplification is outlined 关键词: amorphous state;carbon;catalysts;copper;diamond;infrared spectra;nucleation;phonon spectra;phonon-phonon interactions;anomalous two-phonon absorption;copper-assisted diamond nucleation;amorphous carbon;activation;anomalously high infrared absorption;ultradispersed copper;plasma co-sputtering;graphite;phonon confinement phenomenon;diamond nanocrystal;catalyst activity;surface relaxation;mechanism;200 degC;C-Cu;C