Nanometric fabrication by light and its applications

2019-10-28 11:36:14

optical field density fabrication Japan

责任者: Ohtsu, M. 单位: Interdisciplinary Graduate Sch. of Sci. & Eng., Tokyo Inst. of Technol., Yokohama, Japan 来源出处: Oyo Buturi(Oyo Buturi (Japan)),1999/04/,68(4):431-4 摘要: In this paper is reviewed the application of near-field optics to nanofabrication. As an example, the possibility of depositing nanomaterials and its future prospects are described. Furthermore, problems and possible solutions for realizing ultrahigh-density optical memory are presented 关键词: nanotechnology;near-field scanning optical microscopy;optical storage;reviews;nanometric fabrication;near-field optics;nanofabrication;nanomaterials deposition;ultrahigh-density optical memory