Nanometer-scale interaction between light and electrons

2019-10-27 21:41:56

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责任者: Saiki, T.;Mononobe, S. 单位: Kanagawa Inst. of Technol., Japan 来源出处: Oyo Buturi(Oyo Buturi (Japan)),1999/03/,68(3):313-16 摘要: An optical near field can be generated by irradiating particles or apertures which are much smaller than the wavelength of light. The near field can control the dipole moments of small particles or illuminate them in a narrow region beyond the diffraction limit. In this article, the principle of a near-field optical microscope (NOM) is summarized. A survey of fabrication techniques of the near-field probe and NOM applications are also described 关键词: near-field scanning optical microscopy;nanometer-scale interaction;optical near field;dipole moments;diffraction limit