Magnons and magnon-phonon interactions in iron

2019-10-27 14:08:46

FCC phonon interactions magnon magnons

责任者: Sabiryanov, R.F.;Jaswal, S.S. 单位: Behlen Lab. of Phys., Nebraska Univ., Lincoln, NE, USA 来源出处: Physical Review Letters(Phys. Rev. Lett. (USA)),6 Sept. 1999,83(10):2062-4 摘要: First-principle studies of magnons and magnon-phonon interactions are carried out in bcc and fcc iron in the adiabatic approximation. It is shown that the phonons have a minor effect on magnons in bcc Fe and thus the lattice vibrations make a small contribution to the Curie temperature. fcc Fe is unstable against magnon excitations but the phonons seem to reduce this instability. The magnon-phonon interactions are analyzed in terms of the pair-exchange interaction variations as functions of the interatomic distances. The fcc results suggest that metastable fcc Fe in thin film or nanostructure form should have interesting magnetic properties 关键词: ab initio calculations;Curie temperature;exchange interactions (electron);iron;magnetic thin films;magnons;nanostructured materials;phonon-magnon interactions;magnons;magnon-phonon interactions;Fe;fcc phase;bcc phase;adiabatic approximation;lattice vibrations;Curie temperature;magnon excitations;pair-exchange interaction variations;interatomic distance dependence;metastable fcc phase;thin film;nanostructure;magnetic properties;instability;first-principle studies