Phonon spectrum in spherical β-CdS/HgS/ZnS/H2O nanoheterosystem

2019-10-26 14:58:35

H2O CdS ZnS phonons HgS

责任者: Tkach, M.;Holovatsky, V.;Voitsekhivska, O.;Mikhalyova, M. 单位: Dept. of Theor. Phys., Chernovtsy State Univ., Russia 来源出处: Journal of Physical Studies(J. Phys. Stud. (Ukraine)),1999//,3(1):76-80 摘要: The theoretical investigation of interface and confined optical phonons spectra is performed in the dielectric continuum model for the spherical β-CdS/HgS/ZnS/H2O nanoheterosystem. The polarizational vectors as well as the Hamiltonian of the phonon system have been obtained 关键词: cadmium compounds;II-VI semiconductors;interface phonons;mercury compounds;nanostructured materials;phonon spectra;semiconductor heterojunctions;water;zinc compounds;phonon spectrum;β-CdS/HgS/ZnS/H2O spherical nanoheterosystem;interface phonons;confined optical phonons;dielectric continuum model;polarizational vectors;Hamiltonian;CdS-HgS-ZnS-H2O