Elements for molecular information processing: rotaxanes

2019-10-26 01:46:33

processing VLSI molecular lithography procedures

责任者: Harada, A. 单位: Graduate Sch. of Sci., Osaka Univ., Japan 来源出处: Oyo Buturi(Oyo Buturi (Japan)),1999/02/,68(2):146-51 摘要: In recent years, much attention has been focused on nanotechnological construction of nanoscale frameworks from bulk materials by top-down engineering, or from molecules by bottom-up procedures. Advances in very-large-scale-integrated systems production techniques have moved processing down from the micron to the submicron level, and researchers are exploiting new methods of fabricating smaller structures. Another goal is the development of a three-dimensional array of elements for higher integration. However, there are limitations of “top-down” approaches, including the interference of light waves for lithography. Hence, “bottom-up” procedures to create new structures from a molecule have become an important approach. This approach has already been seen in nature 关键词: lithography;molecular electronics;nanotechnology;organic compounds;VLSI;molecular information processing;rotaxanes;nanotechnological construction;nanoscale frameworks;top-down engineering;bottom-up procedures;3D array;very-large-scale-integrated systems production;lithography;VLSI