First direct evidence of size-dependent structural transition in nanosized nicke

2019-10-24 20:53:51

particles size Ni chemical dependent

责任者: Illy, S.;Tillement, O.;Machizaud, F.;Dubois, J.M.;Massicot, F.;Fort, Y.;Ghanbaja, J. 单位: Lab. de Sci. et Genie des Mater. Metall., Ecole des Mines, Nancy, France 来源出处: Philosophical Magazine A (Physics of Condensed Matter: Structure, Defects and Mechanical Properties)(Philos. Mag. A, Phys. Condens. Matter Struct. Defects Mech. Prop. (UK)),1999/05/,79(5):1021-31 摘要: Finely dispersed Ni powders were obtained after chemical reduction of Ni(II) salts by activated sodium hydride in organic solvents. This process allows one to prepare particles in the nm range. The particles with sizes smaller than 4 nm were found to be HCP whereas larger particles were FCC. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first observation that unsupported Ni powder may crystallize in the HCP system and that the phase stability of this metallic element is particle size dependent 关键词: crystallisation;nanostructured materials;nickel;particle size;powders;reduction (chemical);size-dependent structural transition;nanosized Ni particles;finely dispersed Ni powders;chemical reduction;Ni(II) salts;activated NaH;organic solvents;unsupported Ni powder;crystallization;HCP system;phase stability;Ni;NaH