Synthesis of pure Ba(Mg1/3Ta2/3)O3 microwave dielectric powder by citrate gel-pr

2019-10-23 12:17:37

temperature processing citrate gel powder

责任者: Jianjiang Bian;Meiyu Zhao;Ziwen Yin 单位: Shanghai Inst. of Ceramics, China 来源出处: Materials Letters(Mater. Lett. (Netherlands)),1998/03/,34(3-6):275-9 摘要: A new citrate gel-processing route to synthesize pure BMT powder at low temperature (600°C) along with the XRD, SEM and DTA results are reported. Ta-citrate was adopted as the starting precursor. For comparison, the conventional approach using high purity Ta2O3 powder was also used as starting material to prepare BMT powder. It was discovered that a pure BMT phase, using the sol-gel route, with pseudocubic perovskite structure was formed at much lower temperature (600°C) and with nano-particle size powder (100-200 nm), whereas, the synthesizing temperature for conventionally prepared powder was more than 1250°C 关键词: barium compounds;ceramics;magnesium compounds;nanostructured materials;powder technology;scanning electron microscopy;sol-gel processing;thermal analysis;X-ray diffraction;Ba(Mg1/3Ta2/3)O3 microwave dielectric powder synthesis;citrate gel-processing;low temperature;X-ray diffraction;SEM;differential thermal analysis;pseudocubic perovskite structure;nanoparticle size powder;scanning electron microscopy;ceramics;600 C;Ba(Mg0.33Ta0.67)O3