Exciton transport into a single GaAs quantum wire studied by picosecond near-fie

2019-10-22 21:25:57

optical field quantum GaAs phonon

责任者: Richter, A.;Suptitz, M.;Heinrich, D.;Lienau, Ch.;Elsaesser, T.;Ramsteiner, M.;Notzel, R.;Ploog, K.H. 单位: Max-Born-Inst. fur Nichtlineare Opt. und Kurzeitspektroskopie, Berlin, Germany 来源出处: Applied Physics Letters(Appl. Phys. Lett. (USA)),1998/10/12,73(15):2176-8 摘要: We report a time-resolved near-field luminescence study of excitonic real-space transfer into single GaAs quantum wires. Excitons generated by local optical excitation in a 250 nm spot undergo diffusive transport over a length of several microns and are subsequently trapped into the quantum wire by optical phonon emission. Local energy barriers in the vicinity of the quantum wire, originating from the epitaxial growth mechanism of the nanostructure, directly influence the real-space transfer dynamics and trapping efficiency 关键词: gallium arsenide;III-V semiconductors;phonon spectra;phonon-exciton interactions;photoluminescence;semiconductor quantum wires;time resolved spectra;exciton transport;single GaAs quantum wire;picosecond near-field optical spectroscopy;time-resolved near-field luminescence;excitonic real-space transfer;local optical excitation;diffusive transport;optical phonon emission;local energy barriers;epitaxial growth mechanism;nanostructure;real-space transfer dynamics;trapping efficiency;GaAs