Review: structural ceramic nanocomposites

2019-10-17 02:17:29

SiC processing properties mechanical nanocomposites

责任者: Sternitzke, M. 单位: Dept. of Mater., Oxford Univ., UK 来源出处: Journal of the European Ceramic Society(J. Eur. Ceram. Soc. (UK)),1997//,17(9):1061-82 摘要: Structural ceramic nanocomposites are reviewed with emphasis on the Al2O3/SiC and Si3N4/SiC systems. The incorporation of a nanosized second phase, such as SiC, into a ceramic matrix can lead to an improvement in mechanical properties. It is still unclear, however, whether those improvements can directly be related to an intrinsic `nanocomposite effect or to other factors. This review is divided into three parts. First, basic processing routes for nanocomposites, namely conventional powder processing, sol-gel processing and polymer pyrolysis are presented in detail. Second, the mechanical properties of different nanocomposites are compared. Finally, models which attempt to explain the improvements in these properties are explored. It will be shown that the strength increase can best be related to a reduction in processing defect size. For applications the most interesting properties of nanocomposites are their wear, creep and high temperature performance 关键词: alumina;ceramics;composite materials;creep;high-temperature effects;mechanical strength;nanostructured materials;powder technology;pyrolysis;reviews;silicon compounds;sol-gel processing;wear;structural ceramic nanocomposites;review;Si3N4/SiC system;Al2O3/SiC systems;nanosized second phase;conventional powder processing;sol-gel processing;polymer pyrolysis;mechanical properties;processing defect size;wear;creep;high temperature performance;Al2O3-SiC;Si3N4-SiC