Gas deposition

2019-10-16 18:16:05

process coating Deposition adhesion Japan

责任者: Hayashi, C. 单位: ULVAC Japan Ltd., Kanagawa, Japan 来源出处: Materials Science Forum(Mater. Sci. Forum (Switzerland)),1997//,246():153-80 摘要: A unique coating process using nano-particles is described with some of its applications to electronic components. The process is named gas-deposition. The process causes no environmental pollution. Material saving is another feature of the process. Applications in many different industries are expected 关键词: adhesion;aerosols;aluminium;copper;electrical conductivity;evaporation;gold;nanostructured materials;nickel;palladium;scanning electron microscopy;silver;thick films;tin;gas deposition;coating process;nanoparticles;electronic components;aerosol;SEM;adhesion;0.13 to 5 atm;Au;Ag;Cu;Ni;Pd;Al;Sn