Electron-phonon interaction in spherical multilayer nanoheterostructures

2019-10-15 06:27:52

electron ground phonon phonons HgS

责任者: Tkach, N.V. 单位: Chernovtsy State Univ., Russia 来源出处: Physics of the Solid State(Phys. Solid State (USA)),1997/06/,39(6):995-9 摘要: The complete hamiltonian of an electron-phonon system in the second quantization representation for a complex spherical nanoheterostructure with an arbitrary number of semiconducting layers is obtained in a polarized continuum model for bounded volume and interface phonons. The energy of the electron ground state is calculated using the experimentally realized CdS/HgS/H2O system as an example. The cause of the nonmonotonic dependence of the shift in the electron ground state on the HgS thickness owing to the interaction with bounded phonons is established 关键词: cadmium compounds;electron-phonon interactions;ground states;II-VI semiconductors;interface phonons;mercury compounds;nanostructured materials;semiconductor heterojunctions;water;electron-phonon interaction;spherical multilayer nanoheterostructures;complete hamiltonian;second quantization representation;semiconducting layers;polarized continuum model;bounded volume;interface phonons;electron ground state energy;CdS/HgS/H2O system;HgS thickness;bounded phonons;CdS-HgS-H2O