Current-dependent silicon oxide growth during scanned probe lithography

2019-10-13 10:58:39

silicon probe oxidation oxide lithography

责任者: Ruskell, T.G.;Pyle, J.L.;Workman, R.K.;Yao, X.;Sarid, D. 单位: Optical Sci. Center, Arizona Univ., Tucson, AZ, USA 来源出处: Electronics Letters(Electron. Lett. (UK)),1996/07/18,32(15):1411-12 摘要: Measurement of picoAmp currents during silicon oxide growth by scanning probe lithography is reported. The observed current is attributed to the reduction of H- ions produced by the oxidation process. The local electrical quality of the nanofabricated oxide lines, probed by local Fowler-Nordheim tunnelling, is found to be uniform and highly insulating 关键词: lithography;nanotechnology;oxidation;scanning probe microscopy;silicon compounds;tunnelling;silicon oxide growth;scanned probe lithography;picoAmp currents;H- ion reduction;oxidation;nanofabrication;Fowler-Nordheim tunnelling;insulating lines;electrical quality;SiO2