New routes in the preparation of mechanically hard films

2019-10-12 09:44:50

reactive strength films oxide superlattice

责任者: Sproul, W.D. 单位: Basic Ind. Res. Lab., Northwestern Univ., Evanston, IL, USA 来源出处: Science(Science (USA)),1996/08/16,273(5277):889-92 摘要: Superhard nitride superlattice coatings with nanometer-scale multilayers have hardnesses exceeding 50 gigapascals, making these films highly resistant to abrasion. The nitride superlattice films can be deposited economically by reactive sputtering in production-size equipment on a variety of substrates. A model for the superlattice strength enhancement has been developed that accurately predicts which materials can be used together to produce the enhanced hardness. Advancements in sputtering technology-specifically, pulsed dc power and reactive-gas partial-pressure control-make it possible to reactively deposit nonconducting oxide films at high deposition rates. This technology is being used along with the superlattice strength model in the development of oxide superlattice films 关键词: hardness;mechanical strength;sputter deposition;superlattices;wear resistant coatings;preparation;mechanically hard films;superhard nitride superlattice coatings;nanometer-scale multilayers;abrasion resistance;reactive sputtering;model;superlattice strength enhancement;hardness;pulsed DC power;reactive-gas partial-pressure control;nonconducting oxide films;high deposition rates;superlattice strength model;oxide superlattice films